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51,000 women among 74,000 Saudis joined employment market in 2020

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    April 29, 2021

RIYADH — Around 74,000 Saudis joined the local employment market during the year 2020, of which 51,000 were women, Okaz/Saudi Gazette has learned.

The total number of Saudis who entered 19 sectors in the labor market during the last year reached 93,117. However, 19,350 of these employees left the employment market, bringing the total number of Saudi men and women who remained in the market to 73,767.

Those who left their jobs represent four sectors, and these include 15,725 men and women who left the education sector.

Following monitoring by Okaz/Saudi Gazette, it was learned that a total of 14,868 Saudi men and women entered the administrative and support services sector during the last year.

The number of Saudis who joined the accommodation and food services sector stood at 13,249 while those in the public administration, defense and social insurance sector accounted for 13,196, whereas 11,574 were employed in the downstream industries.

Saudi women dominated most of the jobs created in the year 2020, with 51,009 women entering the labor market while the number of men stood at 22,758.

The most prominent sector, which witnessed a big increase in the number of women, was administrative and support services sector, with an increase in the number of employees by 10,284 Saudi women.

A total of 9,007 women joined the sector of wholesale and retail trade and repair of vehicles while 7,872 entered the construction sector and 6,662 Saudi women were appointed in the manufacturing industries sector.

The most prominent sector where Saudi men joined is the public administration, defense and compulsory social insurance sector with 10,475 citizens, and it is followed by the downstream industries sector with 4,912 people; transport and storage sector with creation of 4,465 jobs and human health and social service sector with 4,349 employees.


Copyright: Okaz/Saudi Gazette, Published: April 29, 2021/17, Ramadan, 1442

Image: CTTO