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Public Relation Services and Government Department

We have long experience with Government relations and significant government bodies that include various municipalities and ministries, (Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Commerce), every business needs a Government Relations Officer or support mechanisms that help in coordination and assistance in all matters related to government.

BIC understands compliance and therefore views it as suitable for your company to maintain core legalities. These include a record employee information, administration and supervision of all responsibilities and duties,along with government-related expenses. Which helps to speed up the process of all routine procedures and will ensure smooth and efficient interactions with these official organizations as well as any other semi- government institutions


List for Public Relation Services and Government Department

  •  Acquiring/ Renewal of Municipality (Baladiya) License
  • Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) Licensing Support Services
  • Muqeem Membership
  • Subscription (SAGIA/Muqeem/PO Box)
  • Commercial Registration Support Services
  • Traffic Support Services
  • Post Office (Wassel) Support Services
  •  Chamber of Commerce Signatory Support Services
  •  Ministry of Foreign Affair (MOFA) Support Services
  •  Event Permission

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